The Tax Calendar can provide reminders in the form of an RSS feed.

To configure an RSS reminder feed, follow the steps below. As you make choices in Steps 1 and 2, the RSS web address in Step 3 will automatically be updated. The resulting RSS web address will produce reminders in advance of tax dates for the event types you selected. To receive reminders in your email, you will need to access the settings in your email program to add the RSS web address.

1. Select Event Types
2. Choose how far in advance to be reminded.
Remind me    before each tax date.
3. Copy the following link to add the RSS feed to your system.
RSS web address
RSS web address

To have your Internet browser handle the reminders, paste this RSS web address into the browser's address field.

To use Microsoft Outlook or another program to deliver reminders, follow the instructions for adding an RSS feed to that program.
When the program calls for the location of the RSS Feed, paste in the RSS web address that you copied above.

Click here for detailed instructions on How to add Tax Due Date Reminders in Microsoft Outlook 2010.