This page allows you to control what is displayed on the IRS Tax Calendar for language, event types, and additional information on page links.

Use the fields in the form below to configure your preferences:

  1. Language - English or Spanish
  2. "Event types". Select at least one type.
  3. The time period or the number of events you want included in your list. You can choose to see all events that occur in your chosen number of days, weeks, months, or years. For example, you could choose to list all events that occur in the next 2 weeks. Instead of specifying the time period, you can choose how many upcoming events you want to see. For example, if you choose to see the next three upcoming events, you would see that number of events, regardless of how far in the future they occur.
    Note: If more than one event occurs on the same day, you will see all events that occur on that day.
  4. Whether to include links to pages which contain information about the forms to be filed.
Event types to include in the list (you must check at least one event type.)

Number of units and type of unit to include in the list