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Welcome to this presentation on IRS TE/GE’s Secure Messaging platform. This information isn’t official guidance.

Are you frustrated with sending or receiving IRS-TE/GE information the traditional way – through the mail, or fax?

Did you know there’s a more efficient, less costly way of doing it?

How? By using the TE/GE’s Secure Messaging platform.

It’s a fast, safe, easy way to send and receive information with an IRS representative in real time.

Secure Messaging uses commercially developed software that enables a secure exchange of your sensitive information.

Interested? Contact your TE/GE representative and they will explain how to start using this new platform.

Using TE/GE Secure Messaging requires a consent form – shown here – that you must complete and return to your TE/GE contact.

Once the IRS verifies your information, they will set up a Secure Messaging account for you.

You’ll then receive a system generated notification to the email address included in your consent form letting you know your account has been set up. This email will include a link to the Secure Messaging platform and a username.

When you access the platform, you will input the username and be asked to create your password.

In addition, you’ll receive a secure message in your Secure Messaging inbox from the IRS representative welcoming you to the platform.

This message allows you and the IRS representative to begin exchanging information using Secure Messaging.

You can also have a representative use Secure Messaging on your behalf.

To do so, you must include the representative(s) on the consent form and provide a Form 2848 or Form 8821 with the box checked that states, “check if to be sent copies of notices and communications." TE/GE Secure Messaging uses multi-factor authentication so every time you log into Secure Messaging, a one-time passcode is sent to your email address. You must enter the passcode into the system to access the account.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll gain access to your secure messaging box.

The secure messaging inbox looks and feels like an ordinary email inbox; however, Secure Messaging is a closed, secure environment, so messages can’t be forwarded to traditional email addresses, though you can print and save the information to your files.

This feature helps protect you.

Secure Messaging also allows you to attach documents (up to one gigabyte per trans-mission) to support your case and speed up communication. All you need to do is hit SEND and the IRS agent will instantly receive your message.

Secure Messaging provides you essential benefits (like security) and makes the communication process more efficient for the IRS too. Cool, huh?

So, if you’re looking to streamline your IRS communication process, use Secure Messaging.

For more information, contact your IRS representative. Thanks for viewing this presentation.