The Employee Plans Team Audit Web Page

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TEMPLEMAN: Welcome to the new and improved Employee Plans Team Audit, or EPTA, web page.

Thanks to suggestions from large-case practitioners, the page now features new and updated tools that provide very helpful information on large-plan administration.

It will assist plan sponsors and practitioners in understanding the EPTA program and recognizing issues found during EPTA examinations.

So, let's take a quick tour of what you will find on the improved EPTA page.

EPTA Trends and Tips provides a comprehensive listing of common plan errors noted during examinations of these plans and in voluntary compliance submissions.

The errors are listed by plan type, and we provide tips on how to avoid these errors before they occur.

There's also a section that identifies errors found in all plan types, with tips on how to avoid common plan mistakes.

And you'll also find page and video links relating to fixing plan mistakes and procedures on self-correcting operational errors.

I encourage all plan sponsors and administrators, regardless of plan size, to try to catch any mistakes sooner rather than later, because the mistake is cheaper to fix the quicker it is found.

The Internal Controls Questionnaire is a list of questions asked by EP examiners to gain an understanding of internal controls and administrative procedures.

We're making an effort to have plan sponsors and administrators understand the responsibilities and coordination needed to keep a qualified plan and trust in compliance with the laws.

By sharing what we ask on examination, we hope to encourage self-audits and good internal controls.

The Taxpayer Documentation Guide provides a comprehensive listing of documents needed for a proper examination of issues.

The guide assists plan sponsors in determining the documents and information needed to be kept current and readily available or recoverable when requested prior to an audit.

There is a defined benefit guide and a defined contribution guide.

Although this guide was previously on the website, we updated the information to make it more pragmatic and useful to the reader.

A presentation and video were also added to the web page.

The EP EPTA presentation is the current outreach presentation written and produced by Employee Plans that's being shared with large-case practitioners at regional and national conferences.

We added it to the site for those who cannot attend the conferences, as it's important that they see our message.

In the EPTA video, Michael Julianelle, Director of Employee Plans, and I shared the latest information on the EPTA program.

I would highly recommend taking a few minutes to visit both links.

I encourage all large-case plan sponsors and practitioners to tour our improved EPTA web page and save it as a favorite so you have easy access when you wish to visit the pages again.