Advantages of Partnering with IRS

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JENNIFER: Hi, I'm Jennifer, and I work for the IRS.

Our Stakeholder Liaison Outreach team is excited you've agreed to help us help small businesses thrive.

Working together, I know we can help make their tax responsibilities less taxing.

In this brief video, I'm going to introduce many of the products, tools, and services we have to offer members of your organization.

Let's first take a look at the Small Business and Self-Employed Tax Center at

That's "smallbiz," spelled B-I-Z.

This tax center has links to lots of helpful information.

Let me tell you about a few of them.

Download any of our forms and pubs using the "Small Business Forms and Publications" link.

All our forms and pubs are just a click away.

You'll also find a link to upcoming national and local webinars on a variety of topics, and more links to small-business events sponsored by our business partners.

The Tax Center provides links to other government agency resources, as well as individual states' websites.

The IRS produces several electronic newsletters, and our "Subscribe to e-News" link takes you to all of them.

Check out our e-News for Small Businesses.

It's a free electronic-mail service that provides tax information for small-business owners.

Our "Online Tools & Educational Products" link on the Tax Center opens up another page of tools for learning more about business taxes.

For example, the IRS Virtual Small Business Tax Workshop is an excellent educational tool.

This series of nine video lessons is designed to help business owners understand and meet their federal tax obligations.

Another popular tool is our tax calendar for Small Businesses and Self-Employed, available in both online and traditional wall-calendar formats.

You can also download and print it, and if you install the IRS Calendar Connector tool, new calendar events are added automatically.

We have hundreds of videos posted on our IRS video portal.

There, you'll find video clips of many tax-related topics.

The portal also houses archived versions of all our webinars and IRS live-panel discussions.

Many of our videos are available in Spanish.

Click the "Español" tab on the portal's home page to access these versions.

I'd like to point out two helpful and informative video series we have posted on the portal.

"Owe Taxes?  Understanding IRS Collection Efforts" is a series of eight videos explaining the IRS collection process and what to do if you can't pay your taxes or haven't filed tax returns.

"Your Guide to an IRS Audit" takes viewers through the steps of an audit, from notification to closing.

The video addresses issues that are common to audits of small businesses.

As a partner with the IRS, you can become part of our national and local small-business forums and industry meetings.

We can also provide speakers for your events.

Check with your relationship manager or local stakeholder liaison about which of these venues would best suit your needs and the availability of our speakers.

The IRS also delivers the latest tax information, initiatives, products, and services, using social media.

The IRS YouTube channel features short, informative videos on a variety of topics.

And we offer them in English, American Sign Language, and several other languages.

Interact with the IRS through your smartphone using the IRS2Go app.

Follow us on Twitter @irsnews.

Or like us on Facebook.

Download one of our short tax-related audio podcasts from iTunes.

Place an IRS widget on your website, blog, or social media network.

Widgets direct viewers to the latest tax initiatives and programs on

To find links to all IRS social media tools, visit and click on "Social Media.”

And finally, we like hearing from you when something isn't working or you have suggestions for improving our procedures.

Our Issue Management Resolution System is in place to handle your concerns.

We encourage you to share your issues with your IRS relationship manager or your local stakeholder liaison for elevation to the IMRS team.

Let us help turn issues into resolutions.

We are working hard to keep small-business owners informed and to help them meet their tax responsibilities.

We appreciate your ongoing efforts to assist us in reaching these businesses.

For more information, visit, or talk to your IRS relationship manager or local stakeholder liaison.

To find the number of your local SL office, type "stakeholder liaison local contacts" into the search box on the home page of

Thanks for watching this video, and remember, we're here for you.